Web designers galore


Why is it so many folks think they are qualified web designers ?  And, even worse, why is it that so often management employs the services of one of these “designers”  to create their website ?  I mean, the corporate website represents your company on the internet and as such it should look (and work) the absolute best possible.  So why would you allow some misguided amateur to build that all important site for you ?

I am thinking of a company we know well for whom we created a nice HTML site some years ago.  This is not a small company and does business in the millions.  Time came to do a make-over and we approached them for with that in mind.  After quite a while of telling us they were not interested it turned out that the wife of the managing partner had built a new site – she wanted to “get into the business”.  Well, I’m sure she had fun with it.  But what a mess …  she did basically everything wrong that could be done wrong and the site looks like it was built 15 years ago.  But now she’s a web designer … not!  That site will be very expensive for the company in reputation and business not realized.

The moral of the story is:  if you want a website that looks professional and produces results then get a professional company (like CanadaWeb Inc. ) to build it.


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  1. Excellent article. Keep up the good work!

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