Conversion Optimization

We identify, understand and improve the metrics that drive your business

Conversion Optimization turns visitors into clients!  Being visible and found through search engines and targeted keywords is important and turning these visitors into paying customers is what ultimately increases your ROI (Return On Investment).

Success Stories

Conversion OptimizationCanadaWeb Inc. can help companies dramatically improve their sales results by converting web traffic into sales:

  • Increase targeted traffic
  • Understand how users navigate your site
  • Move customers from general interest to closing a deal
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Create action for what you want your web visitors to do?
  • Email you? Call? Online purchase?

Detailed Key Performance Reports

CanadaWeb Inc. reports Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s)on your websites to maintain performance and lets you easily see how our conversion rate optimization has improved your website and sales.

CanadaWeb reports Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s)on your websiteClick Heat Maps are a powerful tool

Click Heat Maps is a powerful tool that show where users click on your site 

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